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Jake Wesley Rogers: “I love pushing the limits!”

Jake Wesley Rogers is heading to Europe to play his first ever concert in Vienna on 24-Sep and some more shows in Austria, Germany & the UK. WEGOTIT NASHVILLE reached out to the Spiritual-Star to get all the answers to the essential questions round these concerts: Why is he touring Europe, what to expect and why is he not religious anymore?

You are playing Vienna on 24-SEP and also few more shows in Austria – how come?
I’ve always wanted to play shows in Europe and it kinda fell into place perfectly to have the opportunity to play in Germany and Austria this fall!

Are you staying over in Austria for the whole time? Studying, playing or what are you up to?
I’ll be in Germany for a majority of September and then Austria, too. I’ll mostly be playing in shows. And then I’m going to spend a month in London to write songs.

What can people expect at these shows?
I’ll be playing all my songs solo with my keyboard at these shows. It will be very intimate and special!

Any more shows planned for Austria or Europe?
Just Germany, Austria and England at the moment!

Spiritual – what a great EP – what’s the story behind?
Spiritual came after a time of a lot of self-reflection. I looked back on my childhood in Missouri which was surrounded by Christianity. There’s a lot of trauma that comes with growing up queer in an environment like that, so this EP kinda happened in response to that.

Spiritual, Jakob from the Bible – are you a religious person?
I’m not religious anymore but I’m very spiritual. I let go of my faith as I knew and I’m just now starting to pick up some of the pieces, slowly.

Any more new music planned before your concerts in austria?
Nothing as of yet..I’m in the process of writing the next project right now!

You just played Mercy Lounge in Nashville- what was the experience like?
This show was incredible! One of my favorites I’ve ever played. Nashville is my home base it felt amazing to pack out a room and do a full concert with lights and amazing sound. It was a special night.

Support came from Taylor Noelle – whats the connection?
Taylor and I meet late last year at a Christmas show we both played in Nashville! Her music is so good and it was an honor to have her on the bill.

Your Facebook pictures are sometime hilarious and extremely funny- what’s the reason to put on a bridal veil?
I love pushing the limits in fashion and the way I present myself. I feel comfortable in traditionally feminine clothing, especially bridal veils. Tulle fabric is very fun to perform in.

Which genre describes your music best?
I would say somewhere to the left of pop.

Do you see yourself as pure pop artist or would you spread it wider with some influences from soul or since you are based in Nashville the home of country music would you say there are also some country elements to be found?
I’d say I’m a pop artist. I don’t think I’ll ever be right down the middle pop, but that’s okay with me. It’s hard not to be influenced by country writing in Nashville. I think traditionally country has the best lyrics. But I take it all in when I write. I try not to be too influenced by genre when I write. I just want to make something that feels authentic.

Which artists are you most influenced by?
Fleetwood Mac, Christine and the Queens, Florence and the Machine, Perfume Genius, Brandi Carlile, Joni Mitchell.

If one would like to compare you with any other well-known artist whom would you name or would you like to be mentioned with?
I’m bad at that. But one time someone compared me to a mixture of Rufus Wainwright and Sam Smith. I’ll take that.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your lyrics and music?
Real life experience. The world.

Where do the ideas for the videos come from?
Usually just in my head! I think visually before sonically a lot of the time. The Jacob from the Bible video was very fun because I’m very interested in tarot.

What’s your favourite place to hang out in Nashville – can you give us a few insider tips?
Oooh. There’s a tea place called High Garden that is one of my favorite places. Favorite restaurants are Baja Burrito, Smiling Elephant, Mas Tacos. The bookstore Parnassus is a lovely place.

Jake Wesley Rogers on Tour:
11-SEP Berlin, FluxFM Bergfest
18-SEP Klagenfurt, Das Wohnzimmer
21-SEP Fürstenfeld, Grabher-Haus
24-SEP Vienna, Arena Bar
01-OCT Innsbruck, John Montagu
02-OCT Graz, Guestroom
03-OCT Bamberg, Freiraum
07-OCT London, St. Pancras Old Church
12-OCT Manchester, The Castle Hotel

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